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On Pseudo-literary/intellectual Bullshit


I am angry about the pseudo-literary/intellectual bullshit we let pass. So the internet has become open arena abi? The 20th century saw us getting worse and worse and worse! The “death of philosophy and art”, the “end of history”? And you did not know it was your own death knell?

We need to remind each other why the Humanities are so important. It is, in one phrase, “to keep philistinism at bay”. It is because music and light are as universal and mysterious as man and it is important to keep men aware of the mystery that is themselves, that sets them away from animals. And that music and light, whether in painting or writing, needs to be cultured. 

When we let the pseudo-literary/intellectual take over on account of the validity of “opinion”, we mess with the culture of progress and enlightenment than we are at the end of. The Humanities are important for our self preservation. We really should not be irresponsible.