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On Meeting Imam Ashafa


Richard Ali with Imam Ashafa today at the Search for Common Ground Multi Stakeholder Joint Planning & Development Process meeting.

As part of my governmental/non-governmental engagement, I attended this meeting today where we workshopped and networked with various groups engaged in peacebuilding in Nigeria. The height of it all was getting to meet and greet Imam Ashafa, one half of the world famous Nigerian story of “The Pastor and the Imam”  which centres on dealing with conflict. In these times of hate speech and tensions, it’s important to salute people who have shown there is a different, better way out that insists on putting people at the centre of all actions. The idea that human life is important to be preserved always and the best course of action is the one that leads to greater happiness of the greater number of people. That all people are brothers in humanity.

“In the 1990s, Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa led opposing, armed militias, dedicated to defending their respective communities as violence broke out in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. In pitched battles, Pastor James lost his hand and Imam Ashafa’s spiritual mentor and two close relatives were killed.

Now the two men are co-directors of the Muslim-Christian Interfaith Mediation Centre in their city, leading task-forces to resolve conflicts across Nigeria.

The Imam and the Pastor tells how they made this remarkable transition. It is both a moving story of forgiveness and a case-study of a successful grass-roots initiative to rebuild communities torn apart by conflict.”

One must remind oneself, sometimes, why one does what one does and how even when our idealism is not-understood and unpopular, that we are not alone in this, this foolish, important, crucial fight for an idea that should win.

– Ra.