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On the Shape of this World 

Shape of this World


Richard Ali
I’ll teach you to trace a line

On the scales of fish

How words curve in a parabola

And detonate

How the word bomb so new

Is the single idea shaping this world

—here, palm my palm, hear
Laila thirsty and old by the wishing well

Qais dissolved to dust already
There, when the woman said

We need no umbrellas from the rain

And Bakunin nodded in his sleep
Armah wraps arms around Ngugi

A thing that blows up between them
There is a gated city of lovers drowned now by the sea

—You. Have. No.  Right. To. Be . Listened. To—

Off Cape Town where a tortoise carries all our tears
And we throw our lives away each day

Emphasis dies in a heart beat
Here’s the secret

The heart is the shape of the world

The world is the shape of the heart

And the universe keeps on expanding, will not

Forget the explosion of creation nor the implosion

Of full stops, shit goes to shit inevitably
Trace this line on fish scales in your sleep

It will all be gone by dawn.