On Nostalgia for Destroyed Spaces

This morning seven years ago, I’d gone hiking up one of the Shere Hills (Moses Mountain, Zarazong) in Jos East with Dr. Babajide Agboola. I was skinny and fit once upon a time. True talk.

By the time we came down six hours later (it was a 3 hour trail), there’d been some civil crisis in #Jos. I had to take a very long detour with a brave okada man, skirting past villages beyond Rayfield, through quiet deserted roads, linking up at Sibancho junction then Old Airport to get to my house in Hwolshe which was normally less than 30 minutes away.

I miss those times when I could do stuff like three hour mountain treks. I miss my hometown, for its beauty and for what it used to be. Some say nostalgia keeps us focused, but can we not have nostalgia without the loss?

So, this one is for #Jos and for #Plateau. This one is for #PlateauTheBeautiful #Nigeria

– Ra.


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