On Narratives and Leaving Venice 

Venice as seen from Plaza Romana

I’ve been away for a week to Vicenza, a town in northern Italy about an hour’s drive from the Venice proper (the island). 

Purpose was to attend a training on crafting narratives (and alternative narratives) in countering violent extremism particularly as it relates to the police force. A necessary aspect of this is, or course, the concept of community policing. 

I’ve left with a greater understanding of these ideas and techniques which will find even further application in other roles outside my small one in a small corner of the government. Roles I hope to announce in the coming days.

It has been a pleasure learning from the faculty from the United States Institute for Peace, the State Department and Hedayah. And to be among my new friends from Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco and Kosovo who have shared in my education. Our hosts, the Carabinieri, particularly the Centre of Excellence in Stability Police Units (CoESPU) did and okay job.

Many thanks to my colleague and the MoI MSG, Hajja Falmata Gaji, who shared the group work and the pasta with me. And, of course, gratitude to our superiors who insisted on our attendance. 

I hope the things we have learnt will be of use to the country as they have been of value to us personally. 



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