On Being A Jammeh At The Wrong Time

Yahya Jammeh with Muhammadu Buhari

The state of international law and politics in West Africa now indicates just one thing: Don’t be a Jammeh.

If you want to be similar to a Jammeh, make sure you distinguish yourself from him in salient aspects–having regional friends or a bigger country and, of course, not holding elections and changing your mind afterwards at the unfortunate turn in history when ECOWAS is particularly serious about elections.

But, take my advice. Do not be the Jammeh in any condition. They will just use you as a line in CVs and a footnote for Academese grammar.

In all, I’m very pleased with the position of Nigeria in this matter even as I feel that mediation could have avoided the show of force. But even this show of force adds to the corpus of thinking around multipolarity and makes a strong case for regional blocs like ECOWAS. I like a West Africa in which Nigeria plays a strong role.

But we must also sort out our internal security while at it.

– Ra.


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