On the Polluted Nigerian Literary Space



I don’t get readers defending writers for ethnic and similar reasons. Does it align you to a creative’s work, make you feel you’ve written something too?

Writing is a solitary art, as any writer would tell you. It is in the same line, only more advanced, as eating and thinking. We do not eat into a common stomach, we do not, and writers particularly kick against, group-think. Is not this your “defence” a trick to make your miserable uncreative lives seem to mean something by parasiting on the achievement of someone who has at least done some active creative work?
It is one thing to dramatize taste and discernment by distinguishing between writers on a number of basis. This is creative work, honest criticism is as worthy as writing. But where no new perspective is offered beyond whorish defence and feverish attack, based on nothing but fear of what must be your own impotence, how can I respect you when I see through you so clearly?

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