On the Violence of a “Boko Haram ‘husband'”

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I think the idea of a “Boko Haram ‘husband'” in relation to the Chibok girls and any other abducted female is a classic example of violence being done.

I’ve argued often that in Nigeria, the very first violence is a refusal of humanity. This sees the hijacking of the narrative and incident of loss and trauma, making it convenient to dehumanise the victim. From then, justifying their suffering is one simple step.

The idea of “Boko Haram ‘husband'” comes from the same avenue that dismissed the existence of Chibok as a town, Sambisa as a forest, Boko Haram as other than a northern conspiracy, and, of course, saw as nonsense the abduction of 200 girls and as stage props the killing of dozens of teenage children in Yobe. Instead of seeing, correctly here, a child molester, abductor and rapist at the very least, these perpetrators of violence instead picked a particular set of tinted glasses and saw ‘husband’. The meaningless neutrality of the very word enables them to continue dehumanising a childhood-hijacked child not their daughter. What is this but the most primal violence?

And the opinionated idiotcracy that comprises most of Nigeria’s ‘media’, parrots and partakes of this violence without for a minute questioning its, to me, obvious origins and the nation-disintegrative agenda it serves.

Ideas are insidious. The arena in which we must fight for humanity and an integrative national identity plugged into humanism needs be the arena of ideas.

I am happy with the rescue of the young innocent yesterday, and another one, I hear, today. But we must see her abductor as the malformation he is, recognise our role in creating him and even covering up for him in the last two days, while prosecuting him accordingly. We must task our laws to find out the extent of his criminality and deal with him intelligently and correctly.

I would have the justifiers of the primary violence docked along with him in a special court. Psychological tests must be carried out on these bloggers and journalists and regular people. For these too, in their offices and beneath their clothes, are grotesque malformations just as her abductor is. We cannot do this, sadly, for we seem unable, as yet, to conceive of such social justice. But the State and true intellectuals must note the associated violence around this abused girl and counter this associated violence with tenacity and action.

Physical and psychological violence go against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which every “right” people assume they have to their benefit flows from. Physical AND psychological violence must be condemned and prevented by lovers of liberty everywhere.


One thought on “On the Violence of a “Boko Haram ‘husband'””

  1. But sentiments give us myopia and we could not see that other illnesses are eating us up. It is even pathetic that we could not feel the other illnesses now because “they” think that today is better than yesterday and that more evils were done yesterday than today. Then, more of the “Chibok Girls” would file out one by one and defraud us of 15million naira and more each! Thank God, Nigeria is moving forward, my brother!

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