On Madness 

“If sanity is provisional, then the line separating mental health from lunacy is not the great distance we think it is. Not the gulf from which we feel ourselves spiritually removed. And if indeed it is an abyss, then we all float on its vast cerebral surface—from which access to the brink of a mad world is rapid. 

If madness is incomprehensible, how can we hope to understand it? How can we hope to save the madman who may have traversed the nightmare journey of a life, punctuated by glimmers of light, thereupon reaching the frontiers of a uniform world—where the days number one, and the sun shines in an acid-golden haze? The heady perfume of madness within which a man is drowning, cannot be restrained, drop by drop, its scent emanates from the private and passionate jungle of his senses.”

— Olatoun Williams, ’The Triumvirate’ (Malthouse Press, 1992.)


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