Season of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

New #Kenyan review of Abubakar Adam Ibrahim’s “Season of Crimson Blossoms”

“I loved Reza. I don’t think you gave him what he deserved. Seriously Abubakar. Munkaila got what he deserved. Hureira too…maybe. But not that sexy Reza animal, who gave Binta what she deserved *wink*. The least you could have done was reward him with virgins in the afterlife. Why did you trick him with a nice cup of tea? He was the good kind of criminal!”


Title: Seasons of Crimson Blossoms

Author: Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Publisher: Parrésia Books

Bought at: Chini ya maji…

Rating: 8/10

Dear Abubakar,

I love this book. I hate it too. I feel all manner of healthy and unhealthy things about Seasons of Crimson Blossoms. I also know the smell of cockroaches because I grew up in a house that smelled of giant cockroaches, thanks to the infestation from and at the neighbour’s house. Those damned insects never died, and they moved houses with us twice. The third time we got a liquid exterminator. Anyway, I am glad someone else knows how roaches smell.

I like how you italicise the English. It is a secondary language in Africa and belongs in italics. I love how you, like most Nigerian authors, put your people’s food in your stories without any apologies. Reminds me of the day I specifically told a Nigerian waiter to…

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