YAP proposal #156: Solving Nigeria’s Unhygienic Meat Problem (Sodiq Alabi, Nigeria)

“Nigeria consumes over 300 million kg of beef a year and our ambition is to build a company that will supply as much as 10% of this over the next decade. ”

Sodiq Alabi.



One thing that worries many meat consumers in Nigeria is the condition of the meat they consume. This is because most abattoirs in the country are in a deplorable state, with the meat exposed to all sorts of contamination. Many educated Nigerians, studies have shown, avoid Nigerian produced meat and opt for imported, frozen poultry products. This is what my business venture is trying to change.

My background partly explains my foray into the meat business. Born and bred in the city of Iwo, Nigeria, a city well known for its skilled butchers. I had my primary, secondary, and Islamic education in the city. I thereafter proceeded to the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, where I earned a degree in plant biology.

In 2015, my partner and I, both scientists under 30, came up with the idea to set up a beef production and distribution business dedicated to changing the way…

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