The Casino for Souls


The Casino for Souls
Richard Ali
(c) 2016

There’s a casino where the old souls go
I’m in the mirror and lights bearing witness to stories
I cannot write. Mermaids and canoemen come with cowries
Concealing weight of grey seas seeking sun, seeking light

I hear the cornered roll of dice, close my eyes, know
There’s no salvation, that eyes are lost already, tune of grief
Only song for their hearts. I’m in the pause that knows, a god
Of man, with man’s flaw, my seeking to re-enter and redeem.

I am in the not wanting the freedom thrust on me
Of being unaffected, forever at an angle to the stairs,
Seeking emphasis and punctuation, knowing how pointless
These are. Dice falls. Dreams die. Evil blooms as it must.


4 thoughts on “The Casino for Souls”

  1. These lines are good actually…quite good and modern. Keep it up.
    I am still deciphering…perhaps he is Christ came to redeem, came to save.
    Perhaps he is human trying to do good, trying, failing.
    Perhaps he is religion, spiritual lofty…
    Perhaps he is the mind…knowing how pointless these are. Knowing that dice falls, knowing that dream dies, knowing as all intelligent beings know that evil blooms as it must.

    Nice piece once more…
    –Okoye Chukwudi Ezeamalukwuo

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