On Other-Creating Within Nigeria 

Sitting with a cobbler shining my shoes, other artisans, all from one end of northern Nigeria or the other. Speaking Hausa. And one talked about living in Onitsha for fifteen years before leaving because of fada (fight). 

When we talk of the #Igbo narrative, so problematized and written about by writers and thinkers of talent, a narrative that in instances creates “the North” as an other, we must realize that in this Nigerian history of ours, the other is not far away, he indeed shares “our” space, speaks even “our” languages and can be nostalgic about the exact same things we whip nostalgia (and weep with nostalgia) for. 

Perhaps this will help a little in questioning the basis of Other Creation? Yes, it’s not a one sided thing. We must, as writers, gather as many sides as we can and harmonize them. Sides exist, yes again, but they are always lies, tricks of emphasis.


3 thoughts on “On Other-Creating Within Nigeria ”

  1. This says a lot. Talk about the single story talk, yes? This is the reason why we need more voices to tell more sides of the other tales. Maybe only then, would we find balance. Again, what really is balance?

  2. Readers need to see that the instances of division and cultural bordering are not shared by all. Rather, we can show that the welcoming and collective notions and feelings of our togetherness are not just an ideal but a shared consciousness.

    But it is believed that a nation can only progress as much as its culture progresses; are we ready (culturally) to take that step?

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