On The Poet


“I’m a poet. I distrust anything that starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop because people don’t think in full, clear sentences.”

― Antjie Krog.

A poet is a special sort of god-man who possesses a divine laddle which he dips into the earth. And the people around him laugh in prose.

But that laddle goes deep and scoops essence from the subterranean sea, that same Sea that The Diety met in Genesis, and fetches a little bit of it. And who is to say where each poem comes from, where it ends, what it is? All we know is that it is old in story, it is from long long ago, it is from before time.

And there cannot be the shackle of form and time on what is formless and outside time.

I raise my keg to poets everywhere, to the mad visionaries my brothers everywhere, to the laddlers of essence.

– Ra.


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