Umar Sidi: Literary Quote of the Year [2014]

In this season of awards, dubious mostly, I feel a need to join in and make an award. Without the dubeity, of course. A little subjectivity is called for.

I have read scores of interviews by Nigerian Writers in the last year. I have always been fascinated by the more perceptive, the more memorable, answers. Where these go to the heart of the matter, I have noted them. In jot paper, in emails and sometimes by posting them on Facebook.

So, without much ado, my Literary Quote of the Year 2014 [Nigeria] goes to: Umar Sidi.

Umar Sidi is a Nigerian naval officer and poet. The quote chosen is from an interview by Uche Peter Umez which can be read HERE. Umar Sidi’s poetry has been published in a chapbook The Poet of Sand [Saraba Magazine] and he has a debut collection, Striking the Strings, due out from Origami Books, Nigeria.


“Poetry is not to be imprisoned within the cage of any tradition; it is not to be caged even in its own tradition, to do that is to do the sacrilegious, and the consequences, to say the least, are disastrous.”

[Disclosure: I co-own Parrésia Publishers Ltd, owner of the Origami Books imprint under which Umar Sidi’s poetry will be released.]


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