Updating my C.V. by Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva

#StopSexualHarrasment #StopCorporateExploitation

“Because every woman and
Every girl
Every tight hole
Under every skirt
Knows that a C.V is incomplete
Without a passport size photograph.”

I am not a silent poet

Passport size photograph:

The anonymous photographer told me to sit still
As he took a picture. Of my vagina. It
Was for my C.V

I lay with my legs astride, just
As he instructed.
He had a perfect shot.
I had been practicing my smile for weeks.

Black mascara accentuating my
Vaginal braids
Bright red lipstick
Lining my pouting lips.

The lips that opened   and shut
in protest and in consent.
The lips that would get me the job.

The lips that wouldn’t shut up long enough
for the photographer to take a good shot.

The photographer said:
I need you to keep still.

But these stubborn lips. They just lipped him back.
With these words:

Fine wine
Comes from these fine lips
These lips have sipped
Phalling cream
From wet dreams
And that’s how we will get the job
We’ll sip the phalling cream
From wet dreams

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