The Wonder of Mubi: Sankara’s Easter

His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria [2nd R] in Burkina Faso Thursday this week; news that Mubi, an economic hub in northeastern Nigeria, had fallen to Boko Haram Islamist rebels came in a day before.

I want to know how His Excellency
Picked his suit today
To gardentend the absence
Of brother Beau Blaise

There’s wonder also how in a blink of laws
In a tipping of scales, minds of sheep reach and tap
God-veins, stand proud, draw diaphragms, roar a No
Send ageing guard dogs scurrying.

Tell me how faith blooms yet from out stilted petals
Of Ouagadougou’s rose

There is no joy in Mubi
Where the speech of feet converse away
From a crescent set awry by mullahs His Excellency
Swore to tie up, to prison suite, to bring
To heel, who now raise flags, threaten all with order
In the shadow of their lies.

Mubi, where the black flag
Flies, where my green-and-white lies fallen
The soldiers of my country fled

How did His Excellency pick this suit today
Amidst the tears of my people
To go vend statesmanese
At Sankara’s Easter?


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