[Poetry] Hot New Book out from Origami: Saddiq Dzukogi

Parrésia Publishers


The very first copies of a hot new poetry book, “Sunbeams and Shadows”, by Minna based writer Saddiq Dzukogi, just rolled off our presses in Ibadan. It is a collection of 86 poems described by Unoma Azuah as evoking “a variety of tapestries that reach into mystic depths. . .there is a deliberate attempt to shock and startle as a way to deliver the urgency in the themes surveyed.”


Published by our Origami Books imprint, the beautiful cover was designed in Lagos, Nigeria by VEE Global Limited over a period of two months and printed at our facilities in Ibadan, Nigeria. It will be distributed nationwide by our partners, WriteHouse Limited, and via our usual bookstore channels by the 28th April, 2014.

Preorders can be done by filling out the form HERE

ALSO, Like the Facebook page HERE!





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