On The Proposed .africa Domain


Scramble for ‘dot africa’ internet domain name – CNN.com

I will gladly buy a .africa domain for my businesses. All these idiots, and yes I’ve said it, flaming idiots for whom I feel only a spectrum of contempt, giving “Africa-is-not-a-country” arguments should go shush. Out of five comments on this 2011 CNN story HERE, four are from this pseudo-intellectual mindset. Just shocking. The idiocy is of course located in their lack of a sense of pride of self, in the pretense at not knowing that they are indeed members of a positive exclusivity. Africa. African. In their, in line with the worst of their fathers, selling indigenous resources for trinkets to foreign factories to make end products that in some tricky financing enslaves subsequent generations in “debt”!

Look at DR Congo for example. Classic example. Rich country. Poor thinking. Poor people. I reject this African type. I reject it actively.

A .africa domain makes a strong statement of where my company is based, who my primary customers are and where my community responsibilities lie. I presently use .com.ng domains for Parrésia Publishers Ltd. A .africa domain would demonstrate my target market, my business focus and situate my brand clearly as an indigenous African publishing company catering to indigenous African tastes in a self-referring African market for culture. Preferring to use .com or .org domains, while anyone is free to do so, (we are free to name our children whatever, no?) but to say this over a .africa domain because “Africa is not a country” is the same in IT identity terms as the bleaching of ones dark beautiful African skin. Anyone could, but why should you? Really. And what does it say about you?

And, yes, for me, Africa is one huge country with 20 trillion dollars in consumer spending by 2020. It is the market. And I am not going to sit back and let Chinese, Brazilians, Russians businessmen and American corporations, and god knows who else, Korean?, get huge chunks of that revenue. And expropriate it to wherever. Simply because “Africa is not a country”. Get off your arses atop your high horses and roll your damn sleeves and get shoveling. Build a house. Build IT infrastructure, real estate on the .africa domain. Get some pride, do some work.

Africa is a country. Get over it!


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