On Liking This and Maybe Not That Manuscript


“. . .has slept in countless hotels, some of them ranked top in the world, but it didn’t matter that it was a five or seven star hotel or what city of the world he was in. He always couldn’t shake off the thought of who had been in the room before him, what kind of people they were and what they did under the sheets.”

New manuscript I’m reading; when I find a gem of perception like this in the second paragraph, I’m very very interested in reading further.

These two sentences tell me about this character, detail delivered elegantly–that he travels a lot, that he is fussy, that he is a thinker, that he likes order and security and is clear in his own mind about things. Someone who is about to be set up for a plot-al conflict aka disaster is about to befall him. Hahaha! And I want a ringside seat, book side seat. 🙂

Thought to share. Naturally, the manuscripts an editor likes is a subjective issue. And this opinion is, merely, mine.

– Ra.


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