On The Jet Skis of Illogic


How the hell is it so easy that because one writer’s work is “similar” to another’s (for whom all you’ve done is to read this other’s work earlier) becomes a ground for prescribing that the latter writer should get “his own voice”? Just how?

This sort of reductionist trivializing irritates the hell out of me. A few days ago, it was over perceived similarity between Okey Ndibe’s new novel and Chinua Achebe’s TFA. Today it’s between two poets. All done on these blasted social media pulpits-in-the-damned-air.

If forms used can rightly be similar, (form, by its nature, is universal) how is the leap to theme and technique being thus even “similar” made for Chrissake? With jet skies or what? Definitely not logic!


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