Becoming Nigerian Part 1: One Year In

Interesting thoughts from Chika Oduah.

Afrocentric Confessions

This is part 1 of my series ‘Becoming Nigerian’

I flew into Abuja, Nigeria on a Lufthansa aircraft in December 2012. It’s been one year, a year of profound personal growth, illuminating discoveries and lots and lots of fun. I came here with the intent to report news, understand my place of birth and immerse myself in what we know today as Nigerian culture – a globalized concoction of African chic, bravado personalities, high religiosity, strict social conformity, contagious affection and joviality, conditional patriotism, never ending tolerance for ill performance and mediocrity, remarkable adaptability and utilitarian cleverness. I came, I see and I’m conquering.

Overall, my time in Nigeria has been wonderful so far. I especially like Abuja. When I first arrived, I stayed in Life Camp. Then I moved to a beautiful estate in Utako. Now, I live in Jabi. I can’t pretend that I haven’t experienced culture shock…

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2 thoughts on “Becoming Nigerian Part 1: One Year In”

  1. REPRESENT! My sentiments exactly, Chika. I experience Nigerian culture more in Atlanta than I do in Lagos or any other Nigerian nook racing past their own sign posts! I have to come to Atlanta to hear Osadebe on the radio. Chei! Naija don suffer.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Udo. Those were the really telling bits of the piece.

      We’ve lost so much of culture to this pop-music drive that it just might be that it’s ex Diaspora folks like Chika here who will re-mind us why we loved Highlife and Fela so much, why our dances held such resonance.

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