On America and the Loss of Ideals


I myself would rather risk becoming a terrorist’s victim than live under any such system.”William T. Vollmann

Well stated. I wish I could become an American for just long enough to wish every dunderhead in Washington reads this piece on domestic “surveillance”. It puts in local American perspective just what is wrong with the world today. What the last 15 years of American foreign policy has done to the world is to rob the Third World of its ideals.

In the 90’s, when most Nigeria’s now ageing “Diaspora” left the country by choice or by force or by the pretense of fear of force, a good number of them, in thinking of the depredations under Abacha imagined “In America, this or that cannot happen!” Yet here we are today when not even the most naive of “activists” today cannot treat America with anything other than cynicism without risking booes. The loss of the ideal of “America” is even more stark when we see that lives in the Third World has not changed enough to be significant. If we take away the second hand cars and clothes and appliances dustbinned here every year, the true extent of poverty in the so called middle class becomes naked stark.

And while it is bad enough to be in a sorry state, but where there are no ideals of attainment to dream of and climb out to is even a worse state.

The loss of America as an ideal has been attended by the stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, drone warfare in Pakistan, their Patriot Act and similar global stupidities that have cost lives which have sent the message quite clear that America does not give a shit about human rights and so expecting governments backed by American corporations (who fund in some imprecise ratio the Democrats and the Republicans) to give a shit about YOUR human rights is immensely stupid.

The post-American world is one without ideals.


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