On Why We Return Home


[Plateau the Beautiful/ Cradle of the Middlebelt]

Packing up for a 2 week trip to #Jos for the holidays. Just one box and a backpack. At least 7 physical books to be read. And I must pack “winter” clothes too. Abuja may be “cold” recently but my dear hometown has been recording 9 degrees the last three days.

Why am I going?

I am going for the warmth of home: for my mother’s disbelieving face just a second before she laughs, for my three sisters all growing up so fast and so well and my brothers too and yes, for my old friends who knew me when I was young, when I was a child even. It is for these and reasons such as these that men go home, seek hearth and orientate.

#Abuja, it’s been a great year for me and my affairs and you betcha I’ll see ya for the next one! Insha Allah!!!


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