Thank You!

Not clear but will do. :-)

Not clear but will do. 🙂

Just arrived Abuja safely from #Akure2013. It was a stressful yet rewarding convention of the Association of Nigerian Authors [ANA] at Akure at which I was elected for a second term as Publicity Secretary [North] for a new two-year term.

My special thanks to the Congress who elected me, my President, VP, Legal Adviser and core components of the 2011/13 Exco unopposed for the term 2013/15.

Special thanks to my boss, Ahmed Maiwada, who drove from Abuja to Akure and back. And for his immense generosity and kindness of spirit even to a younger lawyer and writer of often strong opinions.

To Remi Raji, my president and friend, for showing me the ways of leadership and demonstrating the confidence to stand by what is right in the course of rightness in the cause of things that are right. I’m honoured to serve under you, Prof.

For my elder brother and boss, Denja Abdullahi, my vice president, you have been our bulwark and strength, indefatigable. May God strengthen you in the months ahead.

To other members of the 2013/15 Exco; Joy Esuku, Tanko, Greg, Chinyere and Dr. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, let’s get this show on the road!!!

My journalist friends; Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Chux Okhai, Sumaila Umaisha, Henry Akubuiro, Uduma Kalu, Nehru Odeh and others who came along. Thanks for being a PR man’s best friends. Hahaha!

Finally and especially, to my friends and fans and denigrators and naysayers–thank you all for keeping me in a perfect tension the more to “beautify as I impress.”

Thanks are in order. Thank you all.


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