On PDP, Impunity and a 20 Year Old Play Book

What GEJ’s PDP is doing is sharpening the contradictions in the Nigerian political space. Those wary of the establishment antecedents of the opposition are now being forced to make a stand against what we dare not allow go on, this culture of impunity and unrefined silliness at the highest levels.

Could not the GEJ PDP have avoided this either-or by executing an honest minded economic and political programme? Would that not have cost less than now dusting up a 20 year old play book from pig headed leadership times in a country of then little expectations?

The tragedy of GEJ and his PDP is that of short term compromises taken against even mid-term realities. Some of the things they are doing, IBB had a leisurely 8 years to get away with it, then Abacha had another leisurely 5 years. But that was in the 80s and 90s. And 15 years 20 years ago is barely 3 years today.

To do these things 20 years later and think it would work is a sort of optimism that would have been admirable were it not tragic. And were it not a matter of flesh and blood people and not mere statistics.


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