On ASUU and Funding of Universities

“@ikhide: @AbdulMahmud1 The looting of resources belonging to universities has been systematic-from VC to lecturer to janitor. Shame. @paul_nwabuikwu”

I wish Ikhide were not so confidently ignorant so often recently. This one is really as sad as it gets. “Systematic looting” of university resources? When, where? The universities have next to no resources because they have not been funded properly for decades. So what exactly is being looted? Our universities are fucking shells! How does one loot a shell, what’s to be stolen off a facade, plywood and bunting? The standards of academia, both in terms of research and in terms of administration, have fallen in this country and the reason is closely tied to funding.

1. If I can’t keep my brightest students, because the library is a decade behind the times and cannot support his doctoral work, or because the specialist lab she needs access to isn’t available because there has been no budget for them the last ten years, how the hell does the university system replenish itself? Research standards fall.
2. If a VC has to make a choice between paying for water for his students toilette and other use daily against painting and maintaining their hostels, due yearly, a correct administrative decision would to reschedule the maintenance for three years down the line. The janitor, forced to make do with infrastructure not being maintained yearly as it should, gradually looses his janitorial drive, any maybe he does not work as he should? Administrative standards fall. How hard is it to see that these two cases, collapsed research and administrative standards, are functions of funding?

But again, as our favourite Ikhide is the first to admit, this is a social media world–everyone (including me) has a mouth and keypad, can say what they please and find confidence in whatever non sequiturs they desire.

There are no resources. There are no resources to use, talk less the looting you imagine. And that is the point. That there has not been resources to use AT ALL in the last two decades and that when finally a trade union gets a written agreement from the owners of the universities on the crucial matter of resources fuck yes the agreement must not be #pdp’d.

Let’s stop the pretence that we do not know the many cogs that turn in a university system and let’s stop the delusion that ASUU is anything other than grease in this system. And now the grease is saying, get your gear ratios correctly so we will flow well or else we will not flow at all until you get them right.

Is it so hard?

We must sympathize with our times though, no getting around that. Such sad, sad, poor times these.


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