On Fornication and Urban Graffiti

Graffiti in Barcelona

Graffiti in Barcelona


I am a part of Abuja’s great unwashed this morning and I’m thinking of the people who write slogans on municipal concrete slabs and innocent rocks. I can’t help thinking of them as males, to a man. I imagine them waking in dead of night, with bucket and brush to do the deed. Committed felons for a higher cause, the mass market haraunge. And they would clutch an orange and lemon coloured jacket against the cold.

This one must be a virgin or else an idiot, else he’d have realised that the first part this statement is true only so long as a certain moral mindset is shared. That and a certain slightly above average level of hypocrisy. As for fornication not being fun, let’s just say he needs some experience. Let him just try it for one week. . . and his life will never be the same again.

There should be a law stating that moralists should show evidence of having committed an array of sins prior to revealation; then they get a license to moralize or something. Now, imagine if this chap had been less afraid of being caught in sin by the municipal authorities of Abuja and had taken enough time to add “IF YOU BELIEVE IT”. Now THAT would be a message.


One thought on “On Fornication and Urban Graffiti”

  1. Its true that fornication is fun but still sin at the same time (whether people believe it or not)..thats what your ‘artist’ should have added. I only think the fact that it is SIN should make us wary of indulging no matter the promise of “fun” it holds for us cos the wages of sin are so high a price to pay.. none of us in our right minds should ever contemplate it. #MyView

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