On FFK and Her Excellency.

“He once bragged that he’d had every man his wife had slept with before she met him killed. And when he found out how many they’d been, he had her killed too.”

From “The Tourist”, a movie I’m rewatching. The character being described, Reginald Shaw, seems quite Nigerian in the light of the Femi Fani-Kayode and Bianca Ojukwu non-issue. It would seem that Nigerians do not know Nigerians have been fucking for a long long time.

Else, why the hell is it an issue? Why did Fani-Kayode mention it? Why did Bianca overdo the denials? Why are Igbos Igbonizing the matter? Why are Yoruba’s Yorubanising the matter? Sex unifies us all, in a way our Green Passport cannot even begin to dream of doing. Desire and orgasms are absolutely equal oppurtunities matters.

Wake up, people. Give me a more interesting non-issue.


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