On Ink, Keypads and Nostalgia

Just had need to write down an idea. Did it, then realised it’d been at least two weeks last I wrote with a pen on paper.

Keypads of various devices have set up a monopoly, with an ease I’m ashamed to think of. All the sadder still that one cannot curl fingertips around a keypad, to press ball point on paper and see thoughts encoded. In medium that can be touched. Material.

I’ve often wondered if the words we type into smartphones and laptops are real, real as the old way of words from pen on surface?

I don’t know why l think that, nor why I can’t shake the sense of loss I feel. I shall make a note to write more often, to write in the old manner of that word.


4 thoughts on “On Ink, Keypads and Nostalgia”

    1. Very very true, Bonnie!

      I treasure nothing more than a handwritten note, poetry handwritten. Not typed and prettified in an email. Maybe I’m sentimental, but I’m glad you feel the connection only ink and paper can communicate as well.

      Thanks for dropping a comment!

  1. …..(Misty eyed),…wow. I had thought I was the only one who had a unreasonable attachment to the pen and paper,….(Looks around with warmth)….now, I know I’m not. There may be no concrete practical reason to prefer the typed over the hand written but writers are a curious species. Perhaps its in self preservation we hold on to these ancient methods: to retain a hold on who we are.
    ….We’re “writers”…..(Makes the inverted quotation sign with fingers)….

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