On Film as Art: Lars von Trier’s Anti Christ


In 2007 Von Trier announced that he was suffering from depression, and that it was possible that he never would be able to make another film. “I assume that Antichrist will be my next film. But right now I don’t know,” he told the Danish newspaper Politiken.

from Wikipedia

There is something about being in extremis that makes for good art. The lesser would be writers “exploring” “exile” or “mixed racedness” or similar ideas now cliched from over mining.

But a director shooting a last-of-life-on-point-of-death movie, that is something else, it is in extremis in extremis.

Now, talking of movies, there’s always Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. The one in which a knight returned from the Crusades plays chess with the Devil. Such movies as Nollywood { or any copying Africa-wood} will not make, film as art as Art as ART.

If I ever make movies, it would be to see how much film can be a material for art.


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