Some Parents Don’t Get It

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Fifty Shades Of Me

Alvarado, Cassandre 2009

Her problem was N50 and you had better believed it. I listened to her tell the person on the other end of the line that she will not be able to make the detour because it will cost fifty Naira extra. I heard her say “I no go fit come oh, abi will you support our transport?” the ‘our’ being she and her son whom she was carrying on her laps, and the person must have said he could not because she then decided to go on home. I knew it was a man because she kept saying “oga.” I mouthed at her “fifty Naira, Maryland to Allen is fifty Naira” but she said she was going home anyway. That was when I realized that fifty Naira was a big deal.

I was on a bus going home from Tejuosho market and this lady having this phone conversation was…

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