Falling In Love With A Poet


You are a hardworking man. There is no other way your farms would flourish and your businesses would turn up a profit in that lunatic’s land that is Aba,  Abia State. Nkechi caught your eye on a fine Sunday morning in church. Her knee length skirt emphasised the curve of her hips and her blouse hugged a full bosom. Her gentle, shy smile in a bespactacled  face the colour of roasted  cashew won your heart.
She didn’t care much for truffles. Gifts that left your previous girlfriends screaming met her smile and a faraway look in her eyes. She was always reading or writing something on her phone. When you asked her she shrugged “Oh, those are my poems.” Then you bought her a Tablet and for once her eyes lit up, she hugged you spinning like a merry go round.
The wedding was quiet. She didn’t like crowds and…

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