On Perception and Criticism

“I think gender probably plays a bigger role in how critics read than in how writers write.”

– Chimamanda Adichie.

Very perceptive opinion here, I’d go to say the same of ethnicity and religion. Writers are less concerned about these in themselves when they write than are their critics. One just writes and leaves the curious sociology of one’s words to others frankly less competent that we who create.

This inability to stand away from one’s biases is an indictment of second-rate criticism, and to flaunt one’s biases is the hallmark of the worst sort of philistinism there is. Sadly, both these are prevalent critical posturings. The writer must accept the possibility of meeting with these as yet another burden; which is why the text must be the child of the finest labour of love its creator can manage.


One thought on “On Perception and Criticism”

  1. So true. I watch writers labour under the weight of writing FOR the critics and many times, other writers, never mind that these form only a very little fraction of their readership. When the author is true to his or her art and can close their ears to the voices of contention, nitpickers alike, they create a work that is immensely honest and readable if not politically correct.

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