[Brittle Paper] The Irreverent Critic: Interview with Ikhide Ikheloa


If I was brave like Dambudzo Marechera, I would call them theFuck You! Generation. They have taken one look at thieving generations of intellectuals and politicians who did little or nothing for them and given them the middle finger. Good for them. Let’s be honest, the West has been intervening to save our writers from Day One. Where would Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, etc, be without the West? This generation does not have anyone but themselves and the Internet. I cannot in good conscience write them off. In fact, I sometimes wish that someone like Elnathan John or Richard Ali is thrown into solitary by some military goon so they can pen the next big one on toilet paper. That would be awesome.


Ikhide Ikheloa in an interview just out HERE on the Brittle Paper Blogazine.

I love it when I get mentions in interviews by my elders and my contemporaries especially when the interviews are extremely topical and important, and when the interviewer is competent. Ainehi Edoro is very competent in this interview on Nigerian and African writing and Ikhide Ikheloa is indeed a man of topical, and even controversial, opinions. Read the entire interview here and #share.

– Ra.


2 thoughts on “[Brittle Paper] The Irreverent Critic: Interview with Ikhide Ikheloa”

  1. I should like that very much; to have my name heard from the horse’s mouth. Besides ourselves and the internet, I think we have our egos too. We of this generation of Nigerian writers have such big egos that could use some massaging. I do.

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