Blogging for this Dummy


So, I am sitting in front of my computer in my typically disordered room and I am quite terrified. Some music is coming in from God knows where, the beat sounds cheap and toxic and does not help calm me in anyway. Over the fence at the Plateau Polytechnic, the women who run the bukaterias continue their noisy rivalries—someone says something about a girl who got pregnant. Another asks if someone else is not coming along. And here I am, arbiter of all this, a guy with a receding hairline wearing glasses and little else, who has decided to set up a regular blog. Yes, I’m that sort of dummy and the rant so far is to mask my cluelessness about what to write here.

I can’t say that this blog will always be about literature and women, as my cousin Gimba Kakanda’s blog [or politics and commonsense], especially because literature and women interest me only some, scratch that, most, of the time. But at those times when I am unliterary and un-womanizing, I may attempt to blog funny posts, like my friend Elnathan John. Thankfully, I won’t ever know if you laugh at the funny posts or not. So, that’s good. Ah yes, but I have a page for my Current Crusades.

Current Crusades will be where I share my great wisdoms with you as they reveal themselves to me—like the realization that moon is made of cheese and that the Italians have blocked thsi knowledge. Or it may be something about reproductive health. Who knows? I’m a prophet, you see.

I will sometimes post short stories, sometimes poems, sometimes the news that my girlfriend is pregnant or that she has left me. Again. I may write about pretty flowers named Neemata or my fear of injections.  Ey, who knows, I may even write about food—I love food, but cannot cook. I hope enthusiasm counts for something.

Well, in my country, we call doing stuff while you are terrified “freestyling”. So, the Richard Ali blog will do this for who am I to challenge the wisdom of my country? I will freestyle, and try to steal 500 words in minutes of your time every now and then. Dont forget to hit the #like and #share buttons every now and then.



8 thoughts on “Blogging for this Dummy”

  1. amoral Richie;)
    I will be ur most regular reader.
    Check out my own *wink* although ive been a tad lazy offlate:D
    Welcome to blogging!!
    Xoxo lv

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